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Buildings are responsible for roughly 40% of annual global carbon emissions. Addressing climate change and the role of buildings will require collaboration across sectors.
Energy Use in Buildings - Buildings used 36% of the global energy use, with majority of it being used in the residential sector. Most of the energy used in buildings is still generated by burning fossil fuels.
Renewable Energy - It’s no secret that for example solar panel energy is far better for the environment than traditional energy produced from fossil fuels.
Natural and Sustainable Building Materials arising from organic material help reduce the carbon footprint. The global construction industry must therefore recognize the myriad benefits that sustainable building materials offer and support their wide-scale adoption.

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We truly believe the environment we create, design, and build lies in our hands and with innovation and sustainable solutions we can shape the future of our planet.

ecoworks is a platform for product and solution providers, designers, architects, experts, and consultants for the Asian Building and Construction Industry.



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Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration.

ECOWORKS facilitate collaboration, partnerships, networks and contribute to better and more sustainable solutions in the building industry. Get in touch with us for more details.

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