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ORLUNA is not only a light- it is a circular product.

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Orluna is one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of LED downlights; in fact, 81% of the top 100 UK lighting designers regularly use our UK-made products.

Circular Product Philosophy

Circular products mean fewer virgin materials, less packaging and, most importantly, saying goodbye to single use manufacturing.

We all need to move beyond the philosophy of single use. Lighting products should be sourced and designed with the intention of being repairable and renewable.

By completely reinventing the manufacturing process, Orluna is now a circular business. It means all of our lights come with a 20-year repair and reuse guarantee.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the modular nature of the products means “everything works with everything else”, an approach that takes the stress out of specifying and means an end to frustrating incompatibilities.

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There’s also the magical effect the LEDs produce. The combination of prismatic lens and unique patented mixing chamber creates a sparkle similar to the magic of dichroic light; colors – especially reds – appear richer, while reflective surfaces become radiant.

ORLUNA lights are manufactured with ah 5-year warranty and each fitting has an expected useful lifespan of 70,000 hours, achieved through powering the LED at low currents and excellent thermal management.

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